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From the Founder, Wayne Bopp

For over 25 years, I have been working with families to design and build their homes. I started Frontier in 1990 committed to building awesome homes while adding value to families lives. During my first year in business I designed and built one home doing most of the work myself. At the same time, this allowed me to truly focus on the quality and detail. Today, Frontier’s teams have designed and completed over 600 projects making Frontier Custom Builders one of the largest and oldest luxury custom building company in the Houston area.

For one thing, it is not the number of homes or even the size of homes that I choose to remember. Instead, it is the families’ lives that I and my team have been allowed to be a part of that I treasure most. It is truly and honor to be chosen and trusted by a family to build something that is such an important part of their life. Additionally, it is a huge responsibility that both I and my colleagues take very serious. To see our projects completed and to be a part of creating someone’s dream is the greatest reward. During the years I have been blessed to work with a lot of truly great people and great families. Many lifelong relationships have been created that I will always cherish.  I will always treasure the experiences and memories from all them and look forward to creating many more.

A family’s home is the most important asset we have. I am committed to building every project as if it were for my own my family.